Blogging Tools

This collection of blogging tools is an excellent guide to help you create and manage your blog and its content. Some of the resources are free. Wherever possible, I recommend using a free resource over a paid resource if it makes sense to do so.

There are updates and more tools pages yet to come – so stay tuned! If there are blogging tools not listed here that you think should be included, please contact me via social media or this website’s contact form and let me know what is missing.

Automation Tools

Automation tools for bloggers include software & services for email automation, pinterest automation, and social automation. As with many businesses, the more things that you can automate, the more time you free up to tackle other important tasks.

Blog Design Tools

Blog design tools include templates for your blog software and graphic design tools for editing images. The major blog platforms all have libraries of freely available themes to choose from. Buying a premium theme, however, can often take some of the work out of getting your site designed and online quickly and at times with less headache.

Blog Images

Having source material for blog images – such as featured images on blog posts and Pinterest images – is a must. Make use of free to use images while your blog is new and growing to keep your costs down. Purchase images as your blog can afford to later on, to help differentiate you from the rest of the pack.


A major part of your blog design and branding is your choice of fonts. Below you’ll find resources for both free fonts and paid fonts along with font manager software for your computer – which can become invaluable as you collect more and more fonts on your computer.

Server Tools

Every blogger should become familiar with basic server tools at a minimum. Those willing to learn how to use the advanced server tools can reduce their costs and maximize their blog’s performance.

Text Editors

Having a decent text editor or at least word processor allows you to write while offlinee. Additionally, having a decent text editor is helpful when writing or modifying HTML/CSS code. If you use the Google Chrome browser, I highly recommend at least checking out the Nano editor. It’s similar in style and use to the premium Sublime Text editor that’s popular with programmers but is free and can work on any computer – including Chromebooks.

Blogging Tools - The ULTIMATE Collection of Tools for Bloggers