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Automation tools for bloggers include software & services for email automation, pinterest automation, and social automation. As with many businesses, the more things that you can automate, the more time you free up to tackle other important tasks.

There are updates and more tools pages yet to come – so stay tuned! If there are automation tools not listed here that you think should be included, please feel free to contact me via social media or this website’s contact form and let me know what you think is missing.

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Social Automation

Social automation tools do just that – manage social media accounts. Some tools let you have a single place to manage multiple accounts in one place, while others allow you to schedule out social media posts.

  • Buffer

    Free & Paid Options

  • Hootsuite

    Free & Paid Options


    Free Service

    IFTTT is the swiss army knife of online automation. Bloggers can connect it to their WordPress blogs to automatically share out new posts to social media. If you get creative, you can configure it to use Google Calendar to schedule posts to Twitter or Facebook as well as have it automatically share your Instagram posts to Twitter or Facebook.

  • Planoly

    Free & Paid Options

  • SmarterQueue

    Paid Service

  • Zapier

    Free & Paid Options

Pinterest Automation

Pinterest automation is critical to many bloggers’ success. For many bloggers, Pinterest is a significant source of traffic to their site. Think of Pinterest less as a social network and more like a social search engine. Both services offer different features from the other. Automated tasks include scheduling of pins or cleaning up duplicate pins from boards.

Email Automation

Email automation tools let bloggers manage lists of subscribers plus schedule messages to send to those lists. Messages can be sent at a scheduled time and date or triggered on an event – such as sending out a “welcome” email after subscribing. Most of the providers below offer a limited free account option to get you started that you can upgrade to a paid account as your needs grow.

  • Convert Kit

    14 Day Free Trial

  • Drip

    Free & Paid Options

  • Email Octopus*

    Free & Paid Options – Get $15 credit when you sign up using this link.

    Email Octopus is very inexpensive. It keeps costs to a minimum by having users create their own free Amazon AWS cloud instance to handle the bulk of the processing. It’s a little more complicated to setup than other options, but is worth it for the cost savings.

  • Mail Chimp

    Free & Paid Options

  • Mail Poet

    Free & Paid Options

    The free version of Mail Poet is a WordPress plugin that makes use of your own mail server to send messages – meaning no having to sign up for an account. You’ll want to move to a paid version or another service when your list grows to the point of overwhelming your mail server’s ability to send a bulk amount of emails.

  • Mailer Lite


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