Blog Design Tools

Blog design tools include templates for your blog software and graphic design tools for editing images. The major blog platforms all have libraries of freely available themes to choose from. Buying a premium theme, however, can often take some of the work out of getting your site designed and online quickly and at times with less headache.

There are updates and more tools pages yet to come – so stay tuned! If there are blog design tools not listed here that you think should be included, please feel free to contact me via social media or this website’s contact form and let me know what you think is missing.

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Premium Themes

While it is ABSOLUTELY possible to create a successful blog using a free theme, choosing to use a premium theme can often reduce the time it takes to develop and launch your blog – especially for those who do not have nor want to learn the skills needed to manipulate a theme into doing exactly what you want it to do. For those people, here is a long list that of places to find and purchase premium themes.

Watch this site for upcoming content on how to evaluate blog themes to help you make the best possible choice for your blog as well as a posts talking about how to manipulate your theme to do what you want.

Graphic Design Tools

If your plan is to be a successful blogger, you are going to need to become somewhat competent on creating graphics for your posts and Pinterest pins. You have a couple directions you can go to do this. The first? Spend money hiring designers to do it for you – though this will get expensive quickly. As a result, most bloggers choose to create their own – and to do so you’ll need software to do it.

Vector Based Images

Vector image software such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator is extremely useful for creating graphics – especially for Pinterest. With a little training and some trial and error, you can create attractive images that stand apart from the rest of the crowd. I highly recommend Inkscape because it’s 100% free to use and full-featured.

Pixel Based Images

These are your more “traditional” graphics editors – everyone has heard of Photoshop! Some of these tools are useful because they work within a web browser, which is especially useful if you own a Chromebook or a larger tablet instead of a desktop PC. As with Inkscape for vector images, I highly recommend GIMP as it’s 100% free and full featured.

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