Text Editors

A decent text editor and word processor are essential to bloggers. A text editor is helpful for writing or modifying HTML/CSS code, while a word processor, such as Google Docs, can give you a place to write from outside of your blog software – with the added bonus of built in spelling and grammar tools.

There are updates and more tools pages yet to come – so stay tuned! If there are text editors not listed here that you think should be included, please feel free to contact me via social media or this website’s contact form and let me know what you think is missing.

Quick Links

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Simple Text Editors

A basic editor (meaning not a word processor) is super useful for anyone who writes any sort of code – be it HTML / CSS / Javascript / etc … Even if you aren’t a code monkey, however, a good editor can also be a useful place to write content when offline and later pasted into your blog’s own editor for publishing.

  • Nano

    Linux Command Line

    Learning Nano is a good skill for anyone who runs a website to have, as it’s available to use on pretty much EVERY web server.

  • Caret

    Requires Google Chrome

    Caret is my personal favorite on this list. Because it runs on Chrome, I can use it from any computer on any platform – including my Chromebook.

  • Geany

    Windows / MacOS / Linux

    Geany is another editor that I’ve used extensively because it has great support for many code languages.

  • Notepad++


    Notepad++ is a great editor on Windows with multiple code language support.

Word Processors

I’m a big fan of writing content outside of my blog software and saving it somewhere else first before I put it online. Think of it as a kind of content-backup. If forever reason I need to recreate my content in the future – I’ve got the original text still. Another plus of using Word Processing software as a blogger – the built in language tools. Use them. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Google Docs

    Browser Based

    Google Docs is my recommendation for anyone who just needs basic office software. It’s free and it runs on any computer without having to install any software. If you need something more than what Google Docs has to offer, my next suggestion would be to consider LibreOffice.

  • LibreOffice

    Windows / MacOS / Linux

    Anyone who is looking to write an Ebook should have a copy of the latest version of LibreOffice with it’s support to export PDF and ePub format files.

  • Microsoft Office Online

    Browser Based

    You can use MS Office Online for free, though Microsoft doesn’t make it clear that this is so. To sign up for free, click the “sign in” link at the top right corner of the site.

  • Microsoft Office

    Windows / MacOS

    I feel it’s important to point out that this is the ONLY word processor on this list that is not free to use. The ONLY time I would ever suggest someone use this as a writing option is if they already have the software. DO NOT go out and buy MS Office for blogging purposes when there are other options that are just as good that are free.

Text Editors - The ULTIMATE Collection of Tools for Bloggers