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You’ve decided you want to start blogging as a way to make money. If you’re approaching this business without already having a niche in mind that you’re passionate about, you’ll quickly find that the most difficult part to starting a blog is trying to find your niche. This post is part 1 of a 2 part series. Below I’ll discuss how to find your niche in a way that allows you to maximize your blog’s traffic and earning potential. In part 2, Robert will expand on the basic strategy introduced in part 1 that will allow you to more effectively drive traffic to your blog.

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What Is A Niche?

Let’s start off things with answering a simple question that many people new to blogging ask. What is a niche?

The most relevant definition from describes niche as “pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal”. Simply put, when it comes to blogging, your niche is your blog’s primary topic to which all of your content should be relevant. When you continue reading into part two, this idea of relevance will be discussed in more detail.

Three Types Of Bloggers

To begin our discussion on choosing what to blog about, let’s start by talking about different types of bloggers. For our purposes, I’ll identify three types of bloggers based on how their blog gets it’s traffic. You might be thinking to yourself – when it comes to determining what to blog about, why should it matter where the blog’s traffic comes from? I’ll explain this as we go along.

  • Pinterest Bloggers
  • First up are what I call Pinterest bloggers. Pinterest bloggers, obviously, drive the vast majority of their blog’s traffic via Pinterest pins and/or promoted posts. If you ask a Pinterest blogger about the best topics for a blog, they will tell you that there are only about a dozen niches that are profitable because these are the topics that get the most views on Pinterest.

  • SEO Bloggers
  • Next up are SEO bloggers. SEO bloggers work tirelessly to optimize their blogs and content to rank well in search engine results. If you ask a SEO blogger for advice on what to blog about, they will say you can make money in any niche – you just need to optimize it properly to drive traffic.

  • Unicorn Bloggers
  • Last up are what I’m calling unicorn bloggers. Unicorn bloggers will advise you to choose a niche that will allow you to use both Pinterest and SEO to drive traffic.

    You want to listen to and strive to become the unicorn blogger. Choose a niche that is popular on Pinterest then use both Pinterest and SEO strategies to make your site successful more quickly than with either approach alone.

    Find Your Niche: Popular Pinterest Topics

    To find your niche, let’s start by discussing the successful niches on Pinterest. During your search to find your niche, I recommend you make a short list of the topics, below, that you find the most interesting. To narrow down this list, I want you to actually sit down and start writing about them. After 3 or 4 posts on any particular topic, you’ll have a much clearer idea of whether it’s a good fit for you. After this, if you find more than 1 topic that might be a good fit for your blog, you’ll have to make a judgement call on which one you like better or think might grow faster. The other topic(s) that are left can be explored later on with additional blogs – should you decide to run multiple sites.

    Now, with all of that said, let’s move on to the topics that do well on Pinterest. I’ve peppered in some information on different ways these niches can generate income on a blog.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Health and fitness blogs are extremely popular. People are always looking for ways to eat healthier and get fit. There are endless topics to cover in a health and fitness blog. Between workout routines, exercises, and diet – you’re never be at a loss for content.

  • Food
  • Food bloggers can do extremely well. The majority of your income will come from ads and affiliate links unless you offer your own products – like a cookbook. Pictures are extremely important to a successful food blog, video is even better. You want clean, crisp, and clear photos of your culinary creations.

  • Parenting
  • I run a parenting blog and make a decent income from it. I think the best part of a parenting blog is you start from the beginning, you’ll have about 18 years worth of evolving content. That’s a long term blog. Additionally, a parenting blog is it is extremely versatile in income revenues. You can use ads, write sponsored content, use affiliate links, and create your own products to sell.

    Additionally, you can take your own experiences and use them as content. Most of my parenting posts have come from my own experiences. Solving people’s problems, letting them know they aren’t alone, these are things that build strong readerships.

  • Personal Finance
  • Budgeting, frugal living, saving money, making money these all fall under personal finance. People are always looking for ways to save or make money. Even if there are a lot of successful ones they will always look for more.

    There are a lot of topics you can cover in personal finance. There are also a lot of different products that you can create and sell on a personal finance blog. Between budget worksheets and teaching business ideas you can sell quite a bit.

  • Home Decor
  • Home decor blogs are a lot of fun. Between doing home tours, decorating your own home, doing furniture diys, and any other number of topics related to home decor it’s a fun niche to be in.

    Home decor has quite a few money making opportunities including, ads, sponsored content, and affiliate links. You can even turn it into a service based business in which you help to decorate or consult people on their own homes.

  • Fashion
  • Fashion is a topic that is extremely popular among millenials. If you have a knack for putting together interesting outfits or finding amazing accessories, a fashion blog may be the way to go. Fashion does extremely well in affiliate sales because people will buy the same outfits that you post on your blog.

  • Beauty
  • I briefly touched on beauty blogging in the previous niche. If you enjoy playing with make up and hair styles beauty blogging would be an easy choice.

    Beauty bloggers make their money from sponsored content, affiliates, and advertisements usually. However, I’m sure you can offer small courses on your most popular hairstyles and makeup trends too.

  • Homemaking
  • Homemaking bloggers cover everything from minimalism, cleaning, organizing, frugal living and homesteading. There are a lot of topics that can be covered in this niche meaning you will have loads of posts that you can create.

    Homemaking bloggers make money through advertisements on their blog, sponsored content, affiliates, and their own products. There are loads of different ways you can make money with a homemaking blog.

  • Crafting / DIY
  • Crafting and DIY hobby blogs are very popular. People who have a crafting or DIY hobby will always enjoy reading about new ideas.

    Crafting and DIY blogs can make money through almost any avenue. Advertisements, affiliates, sponsored posts, and products are all extremely popular ways to make money on a crafting blog. Products can be anything from courses to your own designs.

  • Travel
  • Travel blogs have a wide range of people that come to them. They could be parents looking to plan a family vacation or a single millennial looking to travel the world.

    Travel blogs largely make their money via affiliates and advertisements. Occasionally, a travel company will ask you to do a sponsored post for them. The majority of the money made on a travel blog will actually be passive so long as you continue to produce new content.

    So What Comes Next?

    You might be thinking – “Great! So now it’s time to setup my blog and start writing!” You could do that – and many new bloggers will. However, there’s more to working both Pinterest and SEO than just picking a Pinterest topic and running with it. A little education now before you start commiting words to keyboard might save you some headaches later on. Read on to part 2 where we’ll further explore the advice of the unicorn bloggers by factoring SEO into the quest to find your niche.

    If you found this post helpful, check out our post on Technical SEO Optimization Tips For Bloggers. Additionally, be sure you sign up for email updates using the subscription form, below, and pin this post to your Pinterest blogging boards. Thanks for reading!

    Find Your Niche / Deciding What To Blog About
    Find Your Niche / Deciding What To Blog About
    Find Your Niche / Deciding What To Blog About

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